Parallel Shaft Gear Boxes

This series consists of helical and bevel helical gears, including 12 sizes from 100 to 400 with torques from 1000 to 71 000 Nm.
Each series of types includes :
• 2,3 and 4 cylindrical gears with gear ratio ranging from 6.3 to 400.
• BH type includes 3 & 4 stage bevel helical gears with gear ratio ranging from 20 to 315.
• All drives are offered with standard catalogue electric motors.
• Universal body allows fitting of 2, 3 or 4 stages within one body & operation of the gear in all working positions i.e. Horizontal, Vertical, Standing S1H, S2H.

Thanks to a wide selection of operational configurations and design of slow rotation shaft. These gears are highly universal.
For each product line there are 2 stage motoreducers with 4 different configurations are available. The slow rotation shaft can be solid with a key (S) or a tube with a key (H). The body was designed using 3D system. Tooth geometry & internal body ribs allow for reduced noise level making it more environment and workplace friendly.

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