Pumping mixers

MP and MPA pumping mixers
In the biological water treatment process, a waste water recirculation is required. The pumping (recirculation) mixers pump the waste water, in particular the activated sludge, between the nitrification and denitrification chambers in the biological processes applied at the treatment plants. They can be also used in other industrial and hydrologic plants in which big amounts of fluids and relative small elevation heads (in particular, losses in pipelines) must be pumped. In particular, they are suitable for pumping polluted media, which are difficult to pump for other pumps.
The pumping mixers can run in continuous or periodical mode, depending on the applied process. They are installed at sewage treatment plants at pipeline inlets or tank division plates. In this case, they can be equipped with non-return flap valves. Thanks to the mixer speed control using a frequency converter, its output can be adjusted depending on the real circumstances.

Operation properties of mixers are characterized by the following parameters:

Output Q [m3/s]
Usable lift height Hu [m]

The pumping mixers can be operated in fluids at max. temperature of 40C and submersion depth to 10 m.