Torque and power transmission

Reducer for general applications
The series of types includes a variety of helical reducers (W symbol) and bevel helical reducers (KA, KB symbols). Each size of helical reducers was developed in 2, 3 and 4 stage design (apart from size 100), and bevel helical reducers in t3, 4 and 5 stage design (apart from size 100). Designs of helical reducers include the 6.3-400 range of ratios and bevel-helical reducers: 18-1250.These reducers are intended to drive mechanical devices with horizontal axis of the work piece used in many industries including Metal, Chemical, Paper industry as well as in Metallurgy, Mining and others.The designs offered in version with solid or hollow low-speed shaft may work in horizontal or vertical position. Hollow shaft can be made with a cylindrical bore and keyway or without keyway to be built-in with a clamping ring.
With the reducers they can operate electric engines on support arms or with flange, attached to body of the reducer by means of coupling input. In all designs of reducers there is possibility to mount one-way clutches and reducer cooling elements. In order to adapt our offer to increasingly complex needs of clients, it is possible to make special reducer versions for specific applications based on the series of basic types.