Vertical mixers

The vertical mixers are process units for mixing plants in the Chemical, Food industry, Drinking or Process Water Treatment Plants. There are also applications for Sewage Treatment Plants. The mixers homogenize the content of mixtures and solutions, prevent sedimentation, in solid body solution, in fluids or gases as well as intensify the heat exchange. Depending on the needs, various impeller types can be used for the defined processes. The impellers can be made of various materials (e.g., Carbon steel, Stainless Acid Resistant Steel) in accordance with the requirements of the customers. In addition, the impellers can be equipped with coatings protecting them against chemicals or abrasion.

Application examples

• Mixers for the chemical industry.
• Mixers for the food industry.
• Sewage treatment plants.
• Drinking water treatment plants.
• Process water treatment plants (e.g. accelerators).
• Mixers for coal power plant ash-water suspensions.

Selection of vertical mixers
The mixers are selected in accordance with specific needs of our customers.